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We've finally hit the end of another iteration at work - the bugfixes are all in, the things that aren't vital have been rolled over to the next iteration, the change requests are in to have things rolled out to the users on Thursday night, and we've started planning sessions for the next set of changes.  The final problem was discovering that half the users had Service Pack 1 of the .Net Framework, and half didn't - as we depended on a fix in SP1, this wasn't good.  Thankfully they've agreed to update everyone tomorrow night, just in time for us to go out, so everything should be working.

This evening was a tad hectic - my parents bought me an amp and speakers for my birthday - and tonight I dropped by Richer Sounds to pick up the speakers.  Lilian had offered to give me a lift with them on Saturday, but frankly I couldn't wait, so I taxied them home instead.  Erin came over too, and despite Ed's claims he was going to head out for a few hours, he decided to hang around, so I cooked some food, played Robo Rally (finally winning a game, albeit against two people who hadn't played a whole game before) and tried to attach the speakers to the amp.

This didn't go at all according to plan - I'd not thought about the fact that the speaker cables might not be cut - I have been given about 15m of wire, in a single piece - and so didn't have any wire cutters.  I also didn't have anything terribly useful for connecting the SCART box to the amp.  I managed to fudge half of this, but in the process managed to dislodge various other cables from the system, and mess things up to the extent that merely getting everything plugged back in and in the working state it was before I started has given me a fair chunk of satisfaction.  The cutting of wires to size, running of them under carpets, and actual setting up of speakers will have to wait until I'm next in, which is Saturday.

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