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Date: 2015-12-12 05:27 am (UTC)
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"experimental politics"

That only partly explain why Finland's going to trial a basic income. It still doesn't explain why most everybody there seems to think it's a good idea. (That they do at least suggests it'll get a fair trial.)

In most of the English-speaking countries I doubt you'd get anywhere near 50% of the population in favour, and I expect it's the same in most countries. (Maybe Scotland's different? I guess we won't know until you go independent.)

No parties in NZ support it (as far as I know).

This gives it the once-over-lightly here...

As to experimental politics, it'd all depend on whether the experiments were set up to produce honest results, or set up to fail. For instance, the recent UK referendum on a voting system was set up to fail by offering a system that was easy to turn the public against.

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