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I've had multiple people thank me* for writing about my recent emotional stuff (which is under a filter purely so that Julie (and her family) isn't exposed to it, and people feel they can comment without having to worry about that**).

And I do it to connect with people, and to share things I've learned in case other people find it useful, and to have other people tell me if I've lost the plot, and to be as honest as possible, so that I know where I am.

It helps me, a lot. Years of writing things about my emotions have been incredibly useful for helping me get to know me better. And I am still surprised on a regular basis, both by what I learn about myself, and how much simply writing down "I don't know what I feel X" leads to me knowing why I feel it.

It's not for everyone. Some people find that they focus on an issue, and all writing it down does is mean they spend longer dwelling on it. But if you're not that kind of person, then you may find it's a useful exercise. And you may just help someone else.

*And I'm not saying that to brag. You can learn things from almost anyone, if they share. What makes me unusual is not that I have particularly special thoughts, but that I write them down publicly where any bugger can read them.
**You'll note that this post is public. Act accordingly.

Date: 2016-02-05 03:59 am (UTC)
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I'd rather poke my eyes out with spoons sometimes, but it's an exercise you know I've engaged in, regardless. So, as I've said in other posts, I've learned to pretty much divide my emotion from my non-emotional self when it comes to writing and only cross that bridge when it's getting too late to not cross it, anyhow - when my back is against the wall, so to speak.

I'm happy for you that people can thank you for it. I can't recall anyone thanking me but I don't know if I'd want them to, or if I'd just feel like an anthropology lesson of some sort, something for them to comment upon. I don't like my audience's reactions...too abstracted, I guess (but that really is kind of meta, come to think of it - in that you don't comment upon what the person is going through, you comment upon them commenting upon it. Kind of once-removed, I guess).

Anyway, I'm glad for what you share and that's because I want you to be happy, so I want you to get whatever's keeps you from being happy out there, to just get it off your chest.

But yeah, I'd still rather peel my fingernails off backward, one damn finger at a time, then share the depths of my pathos with anyone else, at least most of the time. Anyone so inclined can always tell that a) I'm not happy and b) I most definitely don't want to talk about it when c) I just code and code and code online, usually live-edit right on my blog, and don't say much about anything else. It keeps my mouth shut, it's completely absorbing, and it helps me feel I got something more useful done than just tearing on about myself or who or whatever else is bothering me.

Because sometimes, I just can't even.
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Date: 2016-02-05 05:20 pm (UTC)
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