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My technology is slowly failing me.

The Daily Link Poster is an app. It runs on Google App Engine, a software platform which has had an upgrade or two since I last updated the tool, and the last couple of times I tried to get it working on the latest iteration of the dev kit I failed.

I'm sure I could, if I had a couple of days to play with it, but with a small child around the place, this isn't possible right now. My free time happens in erratic 20 minute chunks, and I simply can't get enough focus together to work my way towards a solution in that time.

Which makes it a pain to discover that there's a bug, and I can't debug it. I _think_ the bug is actually at the DW end (so if any of you can investigate DW support requests, it's #39536), particularly as it started on the 14th, the same day that DW was having connectivity issues. But I can't be completely sure.

Anyway, I (and anyone else doing automated posts to DW from the autoposter) currently have to manually copy the contents into the DW post page. Which is a pain in the bum. And I have no timescale for fixing it, because I just don't know the next time I'll have three hours free in a chunk. Summer 2020, maybe?
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I've now had disagreements with multiple people over how the Withdrawal Agreement would be different if Theresa May's red lines over the future relationship were to be different.

Looking at the key points here, or a different summary here, I really can't see what would be different if the red lines were different.

The future relationship, absolutely, yes. But the WA covers a divorce payment, a transition period, and an Irish border backstop. I can't see any of those changing. So what do people think _would_ change? Is there a decent writeup covering what would be different? What am I missing?
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So, today the only government ever to be found in contempt of parliament lost a vote by the largest margin ever suffered by a British government, losing by 230 votes (previous "winner" was Ramsay Macdonald's minority Labour government, losing by 166 votes).

Immediately afterwards, Corbyn lodged a vote of no confidence in the government. The DUP have said they will back the Conservatives, which almost certainly means that the vote will fail*.

The EU wants us to make our mind up, and has now repeatedly said that the withdrawal deal is not open for renegotiation. Which greatly reduces the options we have remaining. So once we the no confidence fails I can't see what else Labour can do but move towards a second referendum.

Which is, according to all recent polls, what the people want. (46% to 28% last I checked).

*It's _possible_ that a few Conservatives will rebel. But incredibly unlikely.
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