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A rich oil-baron hires a veterinarian, a statistician and a physicist to develop a method for predicting the outcome of a horse race.

The three scientists disappear for a week and each returns with a different method;

The Vet states "I have studied the form, health and blood-lines of all the horses for the next race and can confidently say that number 7 is the best of the lot. Whether he wins on the day, is another question".

The Statistician boasts "I have studied the race histories of all the horses in the next race and all the races ran on this track and can definitely say that horse number 3 has a 85% chance of coming in the top 3".

The Physicist then strides up to the baron and boldly proclaims "I have developed a way to predict the outcome of any race with 100% accuracy! First, one assumes that the horses are perfectly spherical and moving   
through a vacuum...".

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