I am a genderqueer literacy educator.

Aug. 19th, 2017 10:40 am
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I am a genderqueer literacy educator.:

Before I get into that, let me start by saying this: watching all of the AMAZING tweets fly through my feed from summer literacy conferences and events has been inspiring, hopeful, and hope-filled. I love, love, LOVE that minoritized voices and bodies have been shifting towards the center of these space and conversations. I LOVE the increased critical consciousness among many of my privileged literacy friends. I think the work happening is real, it’s powerful, and it’s social justice in practice.

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I meant to link this earlier, as the current event is only officially running for a few more days, but hey:

For ANY medium of fanwork (fic, art, vid, pod) & ANY fandom!

Interested? Check out our info and rules.
Our first round is 10 August - 24 August.

[dreamwidth.org profile] wip_amnesty is a new community that describes itself as "a place for you to leave the works you'll never finish". The user info (which has full details) also notes, "At the moment, we're running an event from 10 August to 24 August, but generally our comm is open indefinitely." [emphasis mine]

I should probably post at least one thing for this. I started out thinking about the Newsflesh psychic wolves AU, which I've been working on for a couple (a few) years now, off and on. I'd still really like to actually finish it, because there's a lot in there I like and think is worth writing, but OTOH if I cut it loose that's a lot of mental space that could potentially be regained. I don't know. :/

It was only within the last day or so that I thought about the X (TV anime)/Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle(/xxxHOLiC) fusion I've technically had on the go for, oh...thirteen years? Very off and on, as in with years passing between spurts of working on it?

IIRC the last time I really touched it was around when, and shortly after, I was working on the scripts for the shiny (oh, so shiny!) rerelease of X (no longer X/1999, thankfully) VIZ put out a couple of years ago. I think it's safe to say that story is never getting finished, and an event/comm. like [dreamwidth.org profile] wip_amnesty is probably the best reason I'm ever going to get to toss what does exist out there.

But with both of those WsIP, I feel more conflicted than I might if I wrote things straight through, start to finish--and there's a weird, uncomfortable dissonance between the fact that if I post never-to-be-finished WsIP in any form at all, it makes sense to think in terms of "well, someone might read them" and the fact that it seems ridiculous to think that anyone will.

If I wrote straight through, it'd be simpler. There'd be the first part of a story, however long it might be, and then it'd stop and that'd be it. But no, I write in chunks and fragments, with notes everywhere, and so anything I post that's incomplete is inherently full of holes and gaps, so at the very least, I'd want to add quick notes along the lines of "[{x} event/emotional progression happened here]".

(Absolutely any input/idle thoughts on this stuff welcome. I mean, thoughts/comments/etc. are always welcome on my posts, but...you know.)

More Finnish Fiction

Aug. 19th, 2017 04:37 pm
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Posted by Cheryl

I didn’t see this one at Worldcon, but if you are into horror then you too can sample Finnish fiction. Sarianna Silvonen has alerted me to Boundaries and Other Horror Stories from Finland, edited by Matti Järvinen and translated by Jukka Särkijärvi.

You can now start jokes about Finnish horror and the Tampere bid. 😉

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BERLIN (AP) -- Left-wing groups and Berlin residents prevented more than 500 far-right extremists from marching Saturday to the Berlin prison where high-ranking Nazi official Rudolf Hess died decades ago....
[syndicated profile] associatedpressworld_feed
ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -- Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari returned to the country Saturday after more than three months in London for medical treatment, while the government gave no details on what exactly has been ailing him....

I meant to do that

Aug. 19th, 2017 12:25 pm
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Out for my morning walk and came across one of our "occasional" cats, gray and white and fairly small, with stripes on the gray. It ignored me and focused on something out of sight, so I moved on a few steps and saw two doves bobbling along a driveway. Watched as the cat tensed, quivered, and charged. The doves, of course, left with plenty of room and time to spare.

So the cat turned, trotted over to me, and rubbed my ankles. "Just chasing some vermin out of the neighborhood. Scritch me."

Which, of course, I did.

the future and the past

Aug. 19th, 2017 12:24 pm
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Our internet is back. After replacing the cable ourselves (disturbing two wasp's nests and getting locked out of the house in the process) we ended up having to bring in professionals anyway. Turns out our fittings were bad--something something compression. 

Did I mention we got locked out of the house? We tried to "break in" six different ways over two hours, but eventually we literally had to bash in the door. To be honest, it was kind of nice to know our house is hard to get into. When we finally got in the door I went to find the cat. I assumed with all the noise he'd be hiding under a curtain. But no, he was stretched out in the hallway. I have no idea if he registered my concern. I never know if his half-closed eyes import sleep or disdain.

Last night we went to a Hog Stomp. you know you want to know )
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[personal profile] carthaginians posting in [community profile] poetry
they ask me to remember
but they want me to remember
their memories
and i keep on remembering
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--Such gross weather forecast for the weekend. (Mostly today.) [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose was going to go to the market this morning, but he slept later than intended and then got up and looked out the window, and NOPE. The amount of rain expected today isn't even that ridiculous, but it's dank and chilly and gray, etc. etc. etc.

--Last night I made it through the first three episodes of The Defenders, and might have made it further in that first stint if Iron Fist--excuse me, ~the immortal Iron Fist, as Danny insists on saying every damn time he introduces himself--weren't not only every bit as dull as expected but also a sullen charisma suck. Everyone suffers when he's on screen. The audience has to watch him; the other actors have to try to play off Finn Jones' "energy"; the other characters have to share air with him... If it weren't for Jess I might bail, honestly. But Jessica. (And Luke! And Trish!)

I want to love Colleen Wing on principle, but she's always with Danny, which...is not helpful.

Let's refer again to io9's helpful "Here's the Important Stuff That Happens in Iron Fist So You Don't Have to Watch It".

(I was just double checking Jones' name on IMDb and saw that The Defenders is only eight episodes. That seems awfully short for an MCU/Netflix property. But hey, that means I'm almost halfway through.)

--TBH a bit of me resents that Defenders is taking time I could be spending immersed in In Other Lands, but my mostly-"meh" feelings on the former don't change the fact that I don't have to worry about spoilers for the latter. Although now I'm reminded that I still have two episodes left in season 1 of Black Sails, after which I can (and yes, this is obvious) start in on season 2, where so many people start falling for it.

A lot of my mental energy is still hanging out with AGAHF, about which more later. (O_O)

ALSO, StarCraft Remastered is out, and I haven't even booted into my Windows partition to install it yet! But I really should.

--None of the above helps at all with the amount of work I need to get done between now and the end of September (and most of it by the third week of September, realistically), and there's other stuff happening between now and then too. [dreamwidth.org profile] seangaffney is visiting next week, and Hal-Con is next month, and and and...

40 Day Anime Meme- Day 20 (Halfway!)

Aug. 19th, 2017 12:07 pm
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 20: What is your favorite adventure anime?

I really like Digimon Tri. 
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Posted by Phil Plait

As I make my final preparations for my eclipse travels (rural western Wyoming, if you’re curious) I’m hearing stories that are making me very unhappy: Some school districts across the country are telling children to stay inside during the eclipse, out of fear they’ll damage their eyes.

Let me be clear: Schools, administrators, teachers, parents: Don’t do this. YOU CAN LET THE KIDS SEE THE ECLIPSE. You just have to be safe about it.

I understand the reasoning behind this fear. Looking at the Sun without protecting your eyes can in fact damage them (more on that in a sec), and there are some companies selling fake eclipse glasses, ones that say they are rated for safety but aren’t*.

Given that, worrying over the safety of the vision of schoolchildren is natural. However, forbidding them from seeing the eclipse is overkill, and completely unnecessary.

First, a great number of eclipse glasses are fine. The American Astronomical Society has a list of vendors known to be safe. If the ones you have are on that list you should be okay. If not, you can perform some easy tests to see if they work or not, and again the AAS has you covered (rule of thumb: if you can see anything — an LED, a bright light bulb, anything — except the Sun through them, they are not safe).

My friend Stephen Ramsden, who runs the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (he travels all over the American southeast showing people the Sun through his incredible suite of telescopic equipment), has a page up on Facebook with descriptions and pictures of some glasses that aren’t up to snuff. I suggest following him there for updates. He has also personally given away thousands of glasses from Rainbow Symphony; I have some of these and I like them. If you got your glasses from Stephen, you’re good to go.

Second, and this is very important too, you only need to protect your eyes during the partial phase of the eclipse. That’s from when the Moon first starts to edge into the Sun’s face until it completely blocks the solar surface. Totality, when the Sun is completely blocked, is perfectly safe to look at, even with binoculars or other equipment. That lasts about two minutes; check your local listings.

When totality ends — the Moon slips off the face of the Sun — you need to have protection on again (it’s even more important at this point, because when the eclipse is total your pupils will open up to let in more light, so when totality ends that flash of light can do even more damage). To be safe, give yourself plenty of padding in time near the end of totality. Give it a good 20 seconds or so before the end to stop looking.

pinhole projection of an eclipse

My friend Anne Wheaton literally punched a pen nib through a paperboard ticket to project an eclipse from 2012 onto a friend's jacket. Credit: Anne Wheaton

Third, you don’t even have to look at the eclipse directly to enjoy it! You can very easily make a pinhole projector, which will magnify the image of the Sun and project it onto a piece of paper. This costs almost literally nothing (two sheets of paper and a thumbtack), protects your eyes, lets you enjoy the eclipse when it’s partial, and is also educational! It’s also fun: The kids can punch a bunch of holes to make patterns, spell their name, create a cartoon character, whatever. My friend Emily Lakdawalla has a fantastic worksheet online on how to do this (it’s even been translated into multiple languages).

So I implore you, please, please, please don’t prevent your kids from seeing this eclipse! It’s a wonder of nature, a chance to learn science, a chance for them to have fun, and a chance for them to stretch their imaginations. These are all things we must encourage in them, and the Universe is giving us a gorgeous chance to do all of that at the same time.

* Let me be clear about that: Any person who knowingly sells fake eclipse glasses is a piece of human filth. They could be hurting tens or hundreds of thousands of people, including kids. There is no circle of Hell painful enough for these monsters.


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Linkspam on a Saturday morning

Aug. 19th, 2017 09:00 am
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What a week, huh? So exhausting. I swear, this regime is going to ruin my liver.

Remember that guy at Google with the memo? (Seems like months ago, doesn't it?) Well, one of the MetaFilter gang decided to do a comprehensive discussion/analysis of his arguments, complete with citations. The Truth Has Got Its Boots On, which is a lovely Pratchett reference.

Here's a resource for people confused about the Trump/Russia scandal. Amidst all the racism and Nazis, there are still questions about Trump's history with Russia.

This New Yorker article also asks some questions about Wall Street Raider Carl Icahn and his relationship with the Trump regime. Conflicts of interest? Pish.

This article looks at environmental justice from the perspective of the community rather than the regulator or government. It's both devastating and hopeful.

This article from Pro Publica gives a solid historical overview of attempts to incorporate principles of environmental justice at the federal level, and how they have failed. I do love Pro Publica: they do solid investigative journalism.

Politics can make strange bedfellows, as we know: hunters are on the front lines protecting the public lands.

This Lawfare article about private military groups hints at some legal tools that can be used against the Neo-Nazis.

The New York Review of Books has dropped the paywall on James M. McPherson's take-down of the myth of the Lost Cause.

Here's a blackly funny report of a call to a Georgia Congressman's office.


Alton Brown's fruitcake recipe. It looks tasty, but the volume is far too small. Why make only one fruitcake at a time?!


I am working on my NFE story, but argh, just realized that book club is this coming Wednesday, and I haven't read the book yet! Argh. Also it took me 4 tries to get started on the story, and then I had to do some background research and realized that I had [redacted] wrong, and also [redacted], and now I have to research [redacted]. I'm not sure if I'm going to get done in time...


In other news, Help!. Is anyone else using Chrome and having trouble logging into DW? I turned off HTTPS Everywhere, but that didn't make any difference. I simply cannot log in.

And now off to dog class where once again we will fail on the weave poles...
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BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon's U.S.-backed army on Saturday launched its biggest military operation yet against Islamic State militants who in 2014 gained a foothold along the tiny Mediterranean country's border with Syria....

Wild West

Aug. 19th, 2017 07:21 am
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I was driving back toward home from the bank yesterday, when I saw a tall skinny dog trot across the main street I was on. It was well in front of me so I had plenty of time to see it. It was about half way across when I noticed its bushy tail. I thought "Is that a..." Yep, it was a coyote. Not that coyotes are limited to the west any more. But this was the first wild one I'd seen here in the Phoenix area since I moved here getting close to two decades ago. I think it was last year that someone put up a warning about a coyote seen in my immediate neighborhood. (They can be a particular danger for small pets.) I have no idea why the coyote was up on the street yesterday. It was just a few steps north of a bridge over a flood control channel, a very deep wide ditch that is perfectly dry almost all the time, that's there to keep the summer monsoon storms from flooding the nearby houses. No doubt the coyote lives down in the channel, where the plants grow wild and whatever critters that move in are left alone. It's a rough life in the desert. The coyote I saw boldly loping up my driveway a couple decades ago in Missouri, probably weighed twice as much as the one I saw yesterday.

I don't know how far and wide Hatch chilies have spread as a food item. They are certainly a thing in the Southwest. They are moderately sized, long, a bit tough skinned, perfect for stuffing, as in Chile Rellenos. I hated stuffed peppers when I was growing up. But those were green bell peppers which I still don't like. Chile Rellenos are something I often order at Mexican restaurants. This time of year you can buy the Hatch chilies in grocery stores. They can be dead mild to very hot. The trouble is that it's impossible to tell a hot one from a mild one just by looking at it. They are grown separately according to spiciness. The store will have separated piles of them for sale, but they are frequently mixed up either in shipping or by careless customers. I bought three that were labeled 'medium' to use in salads. The first one turned out to be dead mild. The second one is slightly hot. I'm hoping the last one will not be fiery hot.

Everyone's favorite dingbat President is having a 'campaign' rally in Phoenix next Tuesday. The mayor of Phoenix asked him to put it off. But DJT listened about about as well as he does to anyone, so he's coming. In addition to his statements about Charlottesville being fresh in everyone's mind, there have also been hints of him being eager to feed his base by giving a pardon to a local celebrity. Our former, long-time county sheriff, Joe Arpaio was convicted of ignoring court orders to stop hassling Hispanics in hopes of catching illegal immigrants. The sentencing is set for a few weeks down the road. There is some fear that riots may happen if Trump pardons Arpaio now before his sentencing. We did manage to vote Arapaio out before he was convicted, but there are probably as many people who love him as there are who hate him. Protests and counter protests are being planned as I write. So I'm hoping the news coming from Phoenix next Tuesday will be at least peaceful.
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This is a view of the bell tower of the Iglesia de La Inmaculada Concepción in Hontanas. Here’s the thing that bugged me about this: the clock is off-center. Drives me bats. There’s a belfry joke in there somewhere, but you’ll have to assemble it yourself. And yes, I think the... (more at http://www.thomryng.com/camino/camino-photo-of-the-day-but-the-clock/)

Originally posted at Pilgrims on the Way. If you wish to comment, please do so there.


File under: Map, Photo of the Day
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Dreamwidth will not allow me to respond to replies to comments in other people's journals now. It simply will not allow me onto the page.

Petra: when I was there, St. Bonaventure University was 1800 people in all, plus 200 or so grad students, so fairly small. Not without its bad behavior by some and a number of outright scoundrels, but I don't recall Paladino being one of them.

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