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2020-12-04 08:20 pm


You can find more info on my userinfo page - but this is just here to say that I'm very happy to be friended by anyone that wants to read me. I rarely post friends-only, and that only tends to be about things that mention work, so if I don't friend you back you're not actually missing much...

If you do friend me, this would be a good place to leave a comment introducing yourself, and letting me know how you found me!

I have lots of awesome friends - if you want to make a few more then take a look at here for Dreamwidth and here for Livejournal, add a few people, and leave comment so people can add you too.

The links posts come from my page at Delicious and are posted to DW and LJ via a web app which I wrote, and you can use yourself here.

A note to Livejournal users:
You can easily leave comments using OpenID - this allows you to "sign in" using your LJ id, and that way I can tell you're you!

A note on correcting people's grammar in the comments.

Official Spoiler Policy.
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2017-04-22 12:00 pm
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2017-04-18 12:00 pm

Interesting Links for 18-04-2017

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2017-04-18 11:25 am

Election Time Again!

The government has grown fed up with having a wafer-thin majority, which is meaning that they are dependent on the...less compliant members of the party to pass things. And so we get to have an election.

Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act the government can't just call an election.

So, May needs to either:
1) No Confidence herself. And then wait 14 days. Easy to do, even if it looks a bit silly.
2) Get Labour to go along with the snap election. Which they'd be stupid to do, but will probably do so anyway, considering recent behaviour.
2) Repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. Would probably take a while, particularly if the Lords decide to bounce it around.

I wonder which one she'll go for. By what's been said so far, it looks like (2), but it's hard to tell.
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2017-04-16 08:40 pm

I need to know which of these three photos looks the best

Up the hill for the ante-penultimate Beltane walkthrough today, and the clouds above us were just thick enough that I could take a photo of Nelson's Monument with the sun behind it.

I got home, and was trying to work out how to post it, and couldn't decide which cropping to use. I kinda like the last one, with just the tower in it. On the other hand, I like the first one with the people in it.

And I'm by no means an expert in photography (I just knows what I likes), so I thought I'd throw this one open...

Bonus photo, Edinburgh's Folly, as seen about half an hour later, also with the sun behind it:
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2017-04-16 12:00 pm
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2017-04-14 12:00 pm

Interesting Links for 14-04-2017

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2017-04-13 12:00 pm
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2017-04-12 12:00 pm

Interesting Links for 12-04-2017

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2017-04-11 09:02 pm

Brief update about Dreamwidth

I think I've now been through all of the notifications of people adding me over the last few days, and added them back. If I haven't subscribed to you and granted you access then let me know!

As a note, I don't have access to Dreamwidth at work, so replies will be a little sparser than usual. I don't like typing long things on my phone, so anything more than a sentence or two will have to wait for me to get home for a reply.

On which note, can anyone recommend a small bluetooth keyboard I could pair with my phone, in case I _did_ want to write a longer post on it?

And finally, for those playing along on FB, hopefully this post will appear there as a link to the DW post rather than the LJ one. Let's see how prompt IFTTT is!
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2017-04-11 12:00 pm
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2017-04-10 12:00 pm