Jan. 19th, 2019

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My technology is slowly failing me.

The Daily Link Poster is an app. It runs on Google App Engine, a software platform which has had an upgrade or two since I last updated the tool, and the last couple of times I tried to get it working on the latest iteration of the dev kit I failed.

I'm sure I could, if I had a couple of days to play with it, but with a small child around the place, this isn't possible right now. My free time happens in erratic 20 minute chunks, and I simply can't get enough focus together to work my way towards a solution in that time.

Which makes it a pain to discover that there's a bug, and I can't debug it. I _think_ the bug is actually at the DW end (so if any of you can investigate DW support requests, it's #39536), particularly as it started on the 14th, the same day that DW was having connectivity issues. But I can't be completely sure.

Anyway, I (and anyone else doing automated posts to DW from the autoposter) currently have to manually copy the contents into the DW post page. Which is a pain in the bum. And I have no timescale for fixing it, because I just don't know the next time I'll have three hours free in a chunk. Summer 2020, maybe?

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