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You can find more info on my userinfo page - but this is just here to say that I'm very happy to be friended by anyone that wants to read me. I rarely post friends-only, and that only tends to be about things that mention work, so if I don't friend you back you're not actually missing much...

If you do friend me, this would be a good place to leave a comment introducing yourself, and letting me know how you found me!

I have lots of awesome friends - if you want to make a few more then take a look at here for Dreamwidth and here for Livejournal, add a few people, and leave comment so people can add you too.

The links posts come from my page at Delicious and are posted to DW and LJ via a web app which I wrote, and you can use yourself here.

A note to Livejournal users:
You can easily leave comments using OpenID - this allows you to "sign in" using your LJ id, and that way I can tell you're you!

a note on correcting people's grammar in the comments.
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Because, if you're the kind of person who does, then I humbly suggest that you read [livejournal.com profile] zenicurean's "The Hobbit: A Denigration of Smaug", presented in three parts:

More Hobbit
More Hobbit II: Hobbit Harder
More Hobbit III: The Hobbitest Day

Because I just finished part III, and giggled so much that Julie complained about all the noise I was making...

(I could have sworn that there used to be more of this kind of thing on the internets*, back in ye olden days. Sadly, nobody seems to be doing them much any more, apart from the video versions of How It Should Have Ended, and that's not the same. Although the one for Desolation of Smaug is still very funny)

*"The Internet" - a global collection of networks connected together through shared usage of the Internet Protocol Suite.
"The internets" - a bunch of weirdos using the above to do very odd things.
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To me, it means taking responsibility for the things you can take responsibility for. We're not responsible for everything in our lives - we're surrounded by a whole sea of stuff we have very little control over - but there are things we can take responsibility for, and where we can, adults do.

It means knowing exactly where you really are in life - without lying to yourself about what you are really like - and then setting your directions from there, rather than from some idealised version of yourself that never really existed.

It means that rather than making decisions on the basis of wishful thinking, you work out what the cost will be of getting the thing you want and make a conscious decision as to whether that's a cost you're willing to pay.

It means putting in the effort to understand world around you as it really is, not as we wish it was, and doing what's necessary to cope with that. And, sure, trying to change it for the better - but from a place of knowledge, not assumptions and bias.

(None of this is easy, and nobody gets this right all of the time - I sure as hell don't. Adulthood is an ideal to strive for, not something you achieve. Oh, and it shouldn't stop you from having a damn good time and engaging in child-like fun along the way.)
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A friend's child is suddenly obsessed with Batman. So I'm looking for some recommendations for Batman collections that would be suitable.
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Chatting Nick about transport usage over bank holidays.

On the one hand, railways maintenance happens over bank holidays, because that's apparently when railways are quietest.

On the other hand, the roads are apparently busier than any other day of the year.

Nick says that his experience of long-distance train travel over Easter is "Argh so many kids. Argh everyone has ALL their stuff with them!" - which leads me to believe they aren't empty.

Do people use the long-distance trains more over bank holidays, but use local ones less because they aren't commuting? Or is something else going on?
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My brain feels broken.

Particularly because the comments link to a good discussion of it that instantly goes beyond my abilities.
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So misleading, in fact, that when I first saw it, here that I couldn't work out what was wrong with it.

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Combine nice thick walls and living in a row of flats, and this is what you get.

(Yes, the best signal is from our two access points, but look at what they have to shout over.)

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